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A discovery in writing of such agreements as were by the magistrates with the Indians of Tunxis Sepos concerning the lands and such things for reference thereunto as tend to settle peace in a way of truth and righteousness betwixt the English and them.
In the first place, taken for granted that the magistrates bought the whole country to the Mohawk’s country of Sequassen, the chief sachem.
The names of nine women with six children, great and small, examined by the Committee of the General Court this November 5, 1675 in Boston.
Sara, the wife of Great David, with one child at her back,  David being to be sent away, she is willing to go with her husband if to King Charles his country to the English.


The Pequot Tribe of Indians in account with Elias Hewitt           




Groton or Pequot Tribe of Indians to Elisha Crary as Overseer 






March 13

The like upon the Navy Officer’s report touching the Indian slaves supplied His Majesty’s galley at Tangiers by Captain Spragg, Commander of the Sampson, merchantman, wherein it was ordered that the said slaves be returned to Mr. Matthews at Cadiz, which as the Officers of the Navy inform their Lordships, is what will be satisfactory with the said Captain Spragg.
To the Honorable the Governor[1] and Council sitting at Boston 
May It Please Your Honours,          
Pequot Tribe of Indians in Account with Eneas Morgan as Overseer
To supplies furnished and services from June 20, 1823 to June 1824 as follows:

Indian Tribe in Groton to articles of provision and clothing delivered them from the June 20, 1820 to March12, 1822 as per account exhibited to the Honorable County Court at their session in March last

Pequot Tribe of Indians to Dan King
February 1819