Strong, John, 1705 - 1777

Colonel John Strong, son of Asahel Strong and Margaret Hart of Northampton, Massachusetts.  He later removed to Farmington, Connecticut, where he served as its representative to the Connecticut General Court. The Legislature appointed him as an agent for the Quinnipiac Indians and, several years later, as one of a committee to oversee of the sale of land of the Tunxis Indians.  A lawyer and justice of the peace, he served as an advisor on Tunxis affairs from 1769 until his death in 1777.  He was replaced in that capacity by Hezekiah Wadsworth.  Benjamin W. Dwight, The History of the Descendants of Elder John Strong of Northampton, Mass.  (Joel Munsell, 1871), 282. IP 2.2.110, 112

March 4, 1705
February 7, 1777