Resolution by the Connecticut General Assembly for a Continuance upon the Petition of the Mohegan and Niantic Tribes

Upon the memorial of the Niantic and Mohegan Tribes of Indians shewing to this Assembly that they have right with a seine and otherwise to fish in and about the mouth of Connecticut River, and that they are hindered in the use of said right by sundry persons living near the mouth of said river, praying this Assembly to define and secure to them the enjoyment of their said1 right of2 fishing3 petition on file.

Resolved by this Assembly that said memorial be continued and that the memorialists give notice of the said petition, by publishing the same in a public newspaper printed in the town of New London six weeks successively,4 at least three weeks before the Session of the General Assembly to be holden at New Haven on the first Wednesday of May next, and that said publication shall be sufficient notice to all persons interested therein to appear before said Assembly and shew cause against the said memorial.

Legislative Action:

Resolve of continuance of the memorial Niantic and Mohegan Indians.  In House of Representatives,5 passed.  Attest, Ansel Sterling, Clerk.  In Senate May Session 1819, passed.  Attest, William W. Boardman, Clerk.  Approved May 31, 1819, Oliver Wolcott.


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  • 1. Deleted Text: tribes
  • 2. Deleted Text: Seidiene [seine]
  • 3. The words "As per" have been crossed out, perhaps inadvertently.
  • 4. Such public notice has not been located in any local paper to date.
  • 5. Deleted Text: accepted