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Susanna Waukeet of lawful age testifies and says that Daniel Cyrus and Ann Tantapan was brother and sister, children of Cyrus, and grandchildren of [ crossout ] Cobcozen.

To the General Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut in New England at their Present Sessions in Hartford, May 13, 1756


The Town of Middletown debenture by sundries supplied Cushoy  with by order of the Selectmen, July 28, 1755
                                                 £    s     d 
For a woolen shirt     3  .02  .06
By a peck of Indian corn    0  .07  .00
For 3 shad at 2/6/ per shad   0  .07  .06
By 6 quarts of corn     0  .11  .03
For 5 lb. mutton      0  .10  .00
For 5 shad 12/6 more 5/ shad 12/6  1  .05  .00
For 3 shad 7/6 for a peck of Indian corn     0  .14  .06


Upon the petition of Sarah Cyrus of Lyme in the County of New London shewing that she is an English woman, and about thirty-five years ago, married Cyrus, an Indian, and son of Cob of the tribe of Indians to whom Thirty Mile Island in Haddam in Middlesex County was reserved in the original grant of said town, that she had two sons by his said husband who died whilst they were very young, that her said husband at the ti

Joseph Bates of Haddam of lawful age testifies and says that when young he remembers an Indian known by the name of Cobb, who lived on Thirty Miles Island, which Indian was the owner of said island as he ever understood and he understood that he was the person who received the yearly rent of said island in his lifetime, and he never heard of any other person that claimed said island and further the deponent
At a Town Meeting, May 4, 1666, it was voted by the Town that Sergeant Cornwell, Ensign White, Thomas Whetmore, Samuel Stocking, and John Hall, Jr. should treat with the Worshipful Mr. Wyllys and Mr.
Know all men by these presents that I, James Wawowos, late of Farmington in said County of Hartford, now of Stockbridge in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, for consideration of ten pounds lawful money received to my full satisfaction of Samuel Adams of Farmington in the County of Hartford and Colony of Connecticut, do give, grant, remise, and release, and forever quit claim unto the said Samuel Adams and to his heirs, assigns forever all my ri
To All People to Whom These Presents Shall Come: Greeting
A list of the heads of family now living in Mohegan that are not properly Mohegans
Henry Quaquaquid
A list of the Mohegan Indians agreeable to the minds of Zachary,[1] Simon,[2] and Noah,[3] and Samuel,[4]
Whereas, there hath been a former contract or bargain betwixt our honored friend Mr. John Haynes, Esq., formerly of Hartford, deceased, on the one party for the town of Farmington and Pethus, sachem of Tunxis Sepos, and Ahamo in the name and with the consent of the rest of the Indians then in being as by our former writing doth plainly appear bearing date April 9, 1650, yet notwithstanding in process of time some

Whereas there hath been a former contract or bargain betwixt our honored friend Mr.