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Adams Mossuck, Pually, - 1868

Pually Adams was the daughter of Solomon Adams (Quinnipiac-Wangunk-Tunxis) and Olive Occom (Mohegan), and the wife of a Tunxis man named Mossuck.   Born in Farmington, Connecticut, she later resided in Marshall, Wisconsin.  She was an active member of the community, retaining her Native language and being known for her exceptional


Cobcozen was a Wangunk man who owned about twelve or thirteen acres on Thirty Mile Island in Haddam, Connecticut.   His property descended to his son Cyrus Cobb after he died.  

Cyrus, Daniel

Daniel Cyrus was the son of Cyrus Cobb and the husband of Sarah Wright.  He and his wife had several children, but they, as well as Sarah, died before 1788.  Daniel Cyrus survived them all.


Altarbaenhoot was the grand sachem of the Connecticut River communities of Sukiog, Pyquag, Mattabeseck, and Wangunk at a time when the Dutch and English came to Connecticut.  He likely died in the early epidemics sometime before the Pequot War.  His son Soheage succeeded him.