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To the Honorable the Governor and General Assembly Sitting at Hartford, May 9, 1723                                               

The petition of we, the subscribers, in behalf of the rest of Momoho's men and their posterity humbly showeth,

Where the Oneidas have /l/ the Mohawks have /lr/.     
rauganeehauh              father                                      
keűh                             child                                       
loóneh                          wife                                                                


As I passed round the head of Buzzards Bay at north east at and about Quonset appeared a great quantity of shells which indicate the ancient residence of Indians, but now all gone.

From Mr. Williams1 and an Indian, aged 84, I learned that originally there were three sachemdoms on the Cape.

Rock ore makes better iron than bog ore. Three tons Assawompset ore yield one ton of iron.

Ponaganset Friends Meeting, 65 by 28

Pumspisset                    Herring River
Wauquunchet pond       East of Quinsuit
Chaucquoke                  White folks
Woponawx                    English
Mooaunaups                 Negroes
Kautaănt                       Great man above

To Honorable President Quincy 

Dear Sir,

I sent you a long reply to yours of 25 November on the 5 December.  Lest it should not come to hand, I trouble you with a few lines just to show, in case of the miscarriage of the other, that I am not unmindful of your commands.

One or two remarks occur to me to which I meant to have adverted in my statement, but which escaped me in the press of matter.