Rock ore makes better iron than bog ore. Three tons Assawompset ore yield one ton of iron.

Ponaganset Friends Meeting, 65 by 28

Received of Joseph Tray1 of the State Store

Eight pounds powder and 20 ½ lbs lead, for which I promise to account for

Settlement November 1, 1780  17 dozen shirts @ 1/6 per dozen                               

We, the subscribers, hereby certify that we sold to the within named Isaac Ball and Jonathan Ball the land within mentioned for a valuable consideration and pray the Honorable Court that the prayer of the within petition1 may be granted.   

Towsey, David, - 1788

David Towsey and his wife Sarah were members of the Tunxis of Farmington, Connecticut.  One of them was a descendant from the original 17th century Wangunk proprietors.  The couple had at least two children, Benjamin (1765-before 1828) and Joseph (1769), both of whom were students of Eleazar Wheelock.  Towsey served in Captain John Patterson’s Company in 1755 and 1756 and in Colonel Nathan Whiting’s Company in 1762, the same year his name appeared on a Wangunk p

Cusk, James

James Cusk was the son of Cusk, a Tunxis of Farmington, Connecticut and a descendant from one of the 17th century Wangunk proprietors.  In 1761, he received his father’s property at Indian Neck in Farmington, where he took up residence.  In 1762 and 1765, his name appears on a petition to the Connecticut General Assembly requesting sale of the Wangunk reservation in Chatham, Connecticut.  He was one of the Tunxis who removed to Brothertown, New York, and spent some time at the Indian community at Stockbridge, Massachusetts during the Americ