Deed from Kearoman to Hatchet Towsey

Know all men by these presents that I, Kearoman, Indian woman, belonging to Farmington for a valuable consideration to my good satisfaction received of Hatchet Towsey, Indian man, of the same Town of Farmington, aforesaid, and other good and lawful considerations me hereunto moving, do give, grant, bargain, sell, enfeoff, convey, and confirm unto him, the said Hatchet Towsey, his heirs and assigns forever one certain piece of parcel of land situate, lying, and being within the bounds of the Township of Farmington aforesaid and in a place called the Indian Neck, containing by estimation one acre and one rood by the same, more or less, bounded or reputed to be bounded easterly with land in the improvement of Hezekiah Lee, west and north with land improved by the widow Sarah Steel, and south with land in the improvement of Mr. Thomas Wadsworth, to have and to hold the above granted and bargained land and premises with the appurtenances thereof unto him, the said Hatchet Towsey, his heirs, and assigns forever to his and their own only proper use and behoof, assuring firmly, by these presents, that I, the said Kearoman, have good right in lawful title unto and am lawfully seized of all the above bargained premises, and that the same is free of all encumbrances of title whatsoever.  Furthermore, I, the said Kearoman, do by these presents bind myself and my heirs forever to warrant and defend the above granted and bargained land and premises unto him, the above named Hatchet Towsey, his heirs, and assigns against myself and all other person or persons that shall lay any lawful claim thereunto by from or under me. 
In witness whereof, I, the above named Kearoman, have hereunto set my hand and seal, in the said year of His Majesty's reign,
Kearoman, her mark and seal
July 30, 1728
Signed, sealed, and delivered in presence of us, John Strong, Ebenezer Moody               
Kearoman, Indian woman, the subscriber to this foregoing instrument, then came personally and acknowledged the same to be her own free act and deed, before me, John Hooker, Assistant, Farmington, July 30, 1728 
A true copy of the original deed of dale received to be recorded, July 30, 1728, per John Hooker, Registrar