Summons for Jonathan Smith, Jr.

Whereas Jonathan Smith, Jr., formerly of Farmington in the County of Hartford, now of Woodbury in the County of Litchfield, by his deed of bargain and sale containing a covenant of warranty dated May 10, AD 1745 for a valuable consideration sold and conveyed unto Solomon Thompson then and now of said Farmington a certain piece or tract of land lying and being situate in the Township of Farmington aforesaid within the common field and at a place called the Indian Neck containing three roods of land butted east on the river west and part south on land belonging to the heirs of Samuel Judd, deceased, north part on land of Lieutenant Giles Hooker and part on land of Samuel Cowles, deceased, south on land of William Wadsworth as by his said deed may more fully appears reference thereunto being had.  And whereas James Wawowos, one of the Tunxis Tribe of Indians living in said Farmington, together with the rest of said tribe have by their petition (now lying in the office of the General Assembly of this colony) challenged of the said Thomson the surrendery of the peaceable and quiet possession of said land as being part of that large tract of land called the Indian Neck, said tribe challenging said land by force of a deed from the inhabitants of the said Town of Farmington of much more ancient date than the said deed form the said Smith to the said Thomson.
These are therefore in His Majesty’s name to Litchfield County Sheriff, his deputy or to either of Woodbury constables within said county, greeting, commanding you to make the said Jonathan Smith to know that he must, if he see cause, appear before the General Assembly of the Governor and Company of His Majesty’s English Colony of Connecticut to be held at New Haven within said colony on the second Thursday of instant October (viz.) that he appear before said Assembly on the first Tuesday of next after said Thursday then and there to defend the said Thomson in the peaceable possession, the said described tract of land from and against the demands of the said James, etc., as he will avoid the consequence herein. 
Fail not but due return make,
Dated at Farmington, October 10, 1768, and in the eighth year of His Majesty’s reign
Then I read the within written in the hearing of the within named Jonathan Smith.  Test, Amos Clark, Constable of Woodbury, Woodbury, October 11, 1768. Fees 11/1
Solomon Thomson v. Jonathan Smith.  Citation or Voucher
182a, 182b