Western Pequot Overseer Account from June 20, 1820 to June 20, 1822

Pequot Tribe of Indians in Account with their Overseers, viz. Eneas Morgan and Stephen Billings                                                                                                                         


To supplies furnished and services from June 20, 1820 to June 20, 1822 as follows:

To Col. Stephen Billings account as per bill                           

   $ 47.56

To Eneas Morgan’s account for supplies allowed              


To Eneas Morgan for services eight and a half days at $2             


To paid Town of Lebanon as per bill                    


To supplies by Thomas Hallet as per bills and receipt


To paid Dan King as physician for 3 bills  [ bill 1, bill 2, bill 3 ]                          


To John Wilcox's 2 bills of supplies  [ bill 1, bill 2 ]                       


To paid Jesse Bedent for coffin                                                  


To paid Sally George the balance on her account       


To Charles Chester’s bill for supplies                     


To paid Ebenezer Morgan’s bill for services   


To Mark Daniels as per bill                                         


To paid Charles Chester for stone wall                   


To John Wilcox for betterments1                                   


To Holden Prosser for betterments                                            


To Jonas Latham for wall                                                  


To Thomas Smith for wall                                                   

   + 10.50


  $ 489.33


      + 5.53


  $ 494.85

1822   to balance carried to Eneas Morgan account to the credit of the tribe for 1823


By rents and profits of land from April 1, 1820 to April 1, 1822 as follows:  


Improved2 by Charles Chester at $50 a year


Improved by John Wilcox 2 years                                               


Improved by Mark Daniels 2 years                                              


Improved by Holden Prosser do                                                   


Improved by James Fanning 1 year  


Improved by Daniel Thomas 2 years                                                                                                   


Improved by Jonas Latham 2 years   


Improved by Thomas Hallet 2 years 


Improved by Thomas Smith 2 years 


By thirty chestnut rails3 received by Stephen Billings 


By this sum due from Latham Gray for back rents



June 1822 Errors Excepted

Eneas Morgan for self and Stephen Billings, Overseers   

Eneas Morgan’s and Stephen Billings’ Account with Pequot Tribe of Indians up to June 1822

      Endorsement:   This acct S[ illegible ] by Mr. Randall]  Allowed March 1824

      Docketing:         503B  /  334


  • 1. Betterments are improvements to the leased property, for example the building of stonewalls or repairs to a house or barn.
  • 2. Similar to betterments, improvements were investments in the leased property that increased the property’s value.
  • 3. Rails are a component of split rail fence systems. Chestnut was often the wood of choice due to its resistance to rot, straight grain and ease to work with. https://www.vintagelog.com/fencing.htm