Morgan, Eneas, 1776 - 1835

Captain Eneas/Enos Morgan (December 24, 1776-July 31, 1835) was the son of Shapely Morgan and Freelove Hurlbut of Ledyard, Connecticut.  He may have grown up with a Black family servant or slave named Japhet.  For a number of years, Morgan served in Brigadier General William Williams' Third Brigade as an ensign in Lt. Col. David Avery's 5th Regiment (1806-07), a lieutenant in William Cogswell's 8th Regiment, (1808), a captain in the 8th under Cogswell (1810) and Belcher (1811). 
In an April 1819 petition to the Connecticut General Assembly, a number of Pequot at Mashantucket sought the removal of their current overseer and requested Morgan as their chosen replacement.  The following month, the Legislature granted the request.  Two of his fellow company officers (Stephen Billings and Erastus Williams) would serve with him in that role.  Morgan also served as one of the Town of Groton's selectmen. 
A newspaper in Philadelphia noted in an obituary that "[Morgan] had one a great day’s work for him, ate a hearty supper, with a large share of cucumbers, went to bed, and in less than half an hour was found dead. 
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Enos Morgan
December 24, 1776
July 31, 1835

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