Stiles Notes on Mohegan, Podunk, Paugussett, Wepawaug, and Quinnipiac Indians


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Uncas had a quarrel with Arramaumet about 1654 which brought on war.  Uncas sent one of his warriors to take and burn an out wigwam in night, kill and burn and leave the marks of Mohawks.  In the year [ left blank in original ] Arramaumet ascribed mischief to Mohawks and they pursued them northwest.  And then Uncas gained time to equip his men and afterward subjugated Arramaumet and Podunk became tributary to Uncas ever after.

Kockoptanank lived and died at Derby, sachem of Derby, Milford, and Stratford Indians.  Had under him sixty men in Mrs. Hemingway’s memory.  She is 57 years old AD 1761.  He died in chestnut time AD 1731.  Mr. Hemingway died October 7, 1754, age 71, of his ministry 50.  When he first preached at East Haven, he said there was above one hundred fighting men Indians in East Haven parish.

Newtown eight miles above Derby Neck, on west side the river was Pootatuck and Quinnipiac.

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