Mecurius de Quabaconk

Mecurius de Quabaug or a Declaration of the Dealings of Uncas and the Mohegan Indians to certain

Indians, the Inhabitants of Quabaug

May 21, 1661

About ten weeks since, Uncas’ son, accompanied with seventy Indians set upon the Indians at Quabaug, and slew three persons, and carried away five prisoners, among which prisoners was one squaw, with her two children, whom when he had brought to the fort Uncas dismissed the squaw, on conditions that she would go home, and bring him twenty five pounds in peage, two guns, and two blankets for the release of herself and her children, which as yet she hath not done, being retained by the Sagamore of the Washakeim, on hopes that their league with the English will free them.  At the said time he carried away also, in stuff and monies, to the value of thirty seven pounds and at such time as Uncas received notice of the displeasure of the English in the Massachusetts, by the Worshipful Mr. Winthrop.  He insolently laughed them to scorn and professed that he would still go on as he had begun, and assay who dares to control him.  Moreover, four days since, there came home a prisoner that escaped, two yet remaining whom Uncas threatens the one of them to kill, and the other to sell away as a slave, and still threatens to continue his war against them notwithstanding any prohibition whatsoever, whose very threats are so terrible that our Indians dare not wander far from the towns about the Indians, for fear of surprise.

From the relation [of] Pembassua and testimony of Wasamagin, Quaquequunset and others.

                        Endorsement:  Three things are desired.  First, that Uncas may deliver your prisoners.

                                    Secondly, that he may return estate again.   Thirdly, that restitution may be

                                    required for the lives of them slain.

            Cataloguing:  85a