List of Mohegan Indians Agreeable to the Minds of Zachary Johnson and Others

A list of the Mohegan Indians agreeable to the minds of Zachary,[1] Simon,[2] and Noah,[3] and Samuel,[4] and Tantaquidgeon[5]
Late sachem Ben Uncas family
The present John Uncas and family
Noah Uncas and family
Abimileck Uncas (deceased) family
Samuel Uncas and family
John Uncas (deceased), present Johnson family
Zachary Johnson and family
Joseph Johnson
Simon Choychoy and family
Moses Meazon and family
John Tantaquidgeon and family
John Johnson’s (deceased) family
And Peige Jowon,* his son, Eliphalet Jowon
*This person was accepted as a Mohegan on condition that he took care of and buried the dead in the tribe during his life.
Allowed to be proper Mohegans
New London, September 1, 1774
14 [ blot ] Heads of family
26 ditto per the other list, including widows
Cataloguing:  316
[1] Zachary Johnson
[2] Simon Choychoy
[3] Noah Uncas
[4] Samuel Uncas
[5] John Tantaquidgeon