Deed from Sue Nuppe to William Hooker

Know all men by these presents that I, Sue, Indian squa, now resident of Farmington, relic of Nuppe, Indian man, deceased, for the good will and respect which I have unto William Hooker of the same Town of Farmington aforesaid in the County of Hartford and Colony of Connecticut in New England, do give, grant, remise, and release, quit claim, and confirm unto the said William Hooker and in his quiet and provable possession and seize, now being all the estate, right, title, property, possession, claim, and demand whatsoever, that I, the said Sue Squa, have had or ought to have in or to one certain small piece or parcel of land within the Township of Farmington aforesaid and in a place commonly called the Indian Neck, containing by estimation about three-quarters of an acre, bounded as followeth [ illegible ] easterly with land of Captain William Wadsworth, westerly with land belonging to him, the said William Hooker, northerly with land belonging to the heirs of Sergeant Samuel Judd, in part, and a part with land of Jonathan Root, and southerly with land belonging to him, the said William Hooker, to have and to hold all the above given, granted, remised, and released parcel of land unto him, the said William Hooker, his heirs, and assigns to his and their only proper use and behoof from the day of date hereof forever and without any manner of reclaim, challenge, or contradiction of me, the said Sue Squa, or any other person by, for, from, or under me forever. 
In witness whereof, I, the said Sue Squa, hath hereunto set my hand and seal
Sue Squa, her mark and seal
June 13, 1733
Signed, sealed, and delivered in presence of John Hooker, Sr. and Thomas Smith
Sue Squa, the signer and sealer of this foregoing instrument came personally and acknowledged the same to be her free act and deed before me, John Hooker, Assistant, Farmington, June 13, 1733
A true copy of a deed received for record, June 13, 1733, per John Hooker, Registrar
384, 385