Agreement between Uncas and Arramamet

This writing witnesseth that Uncas, Sachem of Mohegan, in behalf of himself and people of Mohegan and Niantic do hereby engage him and them to Arramanet, Seacut, Nesahegen, gentlemen of Connecticut in behalf of the Indian people at Windsor, Podunk, Hartford, that they will carry it peaceably and neighborly towards them and the aforesaid Indians, and that they will not either secretly or publicly contrive or practice any evil or mischief against them.  And the aforesaid remnant, etc., engage that they and the aforesaid Indians on the river will carry it peaceably towards the aforesaid sachem and his people, and that they will neither plot or practice any evil against the said Uncas or his people and whereas there is a difference about the bounds of lands and royalties belonging to the said sachem and Arramanet.  It is agreed between them that the dividing bounds shall be at Ashawat to Wonggunshoak and so to Washiack, and from thence northerly, from which bounds the lands and royalties on the east shall be and remain to Uncas and his heirs.  And from the said bounds on the west to Connecticut River shall be to Arramanet and his heirs.  And this our agreement, and that we oblige ourselves and our heirs to stand to the same, we testify by subscribing our marks.
Uncashis mark
Arramanet, his mark
Seacut, his mark
Nesahegen, his mark
Quanampewott, his mark
It is agreed that Arramanet shall not impropriate unto himself any of the land that is on the south of the path that goes from Thomas Edwards’ to Mohegan.  This writing above was signed and delivered in presence of us who were appointed by the General Assembly to hear and endeavor the said Indians compliance, with the full and free consent of both parties.
Thomas Stanton                       
An agreement between Uncas and Arramanet
Recorded out of the original this August 3, 1666 per Daniel Clark, Secretary
The above written is a true copy of the original as it stands recorded in the public records of her Majesties Colony of Connecticut in book number B, page 231, attested Eleazer Kimberly, Secretary