Eastern Pequot Overseer Account from June 19, 1839 to June 17, 1840

Pequot Indians of North Stonington on account with Ezra Hewitt, Esq.
June 19
To balance due on settlement
$ 39.37
To interest on balance
To paid court fees
To one day settling with court expenses, etc.
July 2
To six yards cotton cloth for Sarah Pompey 9 pence
September 7
To seven yards calico1 cloth for Sarah Pompey 1/          
September 7
To one bleached cloth
November 26
To paid Latham Hull, Esq., for making gate
November 26
To paid Latham Hull, Esq., [for] articles furnished Moses Brushell
November 26
To paid Latham Hull, Esq. for keeping Thomas Nedson's cow
To one pair boots for Edward Nedson’s boy
December 19
To one pair thick boots for Henry Shantup
January 13
To one pair shoes for Sarah Pompey
To eight yards woolen cloth for Sarah Pompey a dress at 1/5
To trimmings for dress
January 15
To  eight yards calico for Wealthy Nedson
January 15
To three quarters yards sheeting2 and thread
January 15
To one quart molasses 11 cents and two pounds crackers 20 cents
January 20
To paid Susan Williams for keeping Philena nine weeks
January 25
To four yards cotton cloth for Samuel Shantup
January 25
To four skeins3 thread at 4 cents and tobacco 20 cents
January 25
To one pair shoes for N. Nedson[3]
To eight yards calico for Philena[4] 1/
To  one pair shoes for Philena
To paid Captain Isaac Williams for keeping Philena up to June 1st as per bill    
To paid Thomas P. Wattles for doctoring for one year
To my services rendered in  superintending the affairs
$ 107.70
Supra Credit                                               
By amount rent received of Latham Hull, Esq.
$    17.70
North Stonington, June 17, 1840
Judicial Action:
Ezra Hewitt, Conservator to Pequot Indians, Continued,  January 1, 1840.  Approved and accepted, January 11 / 1839, approved 1840
6 / 4

  • 1. In the United States, calico is a generic term for a plain weave cotton or blended fabric that usually having small busy printed pattern. The Fairchild Books Dictionary of Textiles.
  • 2. A sturdy plain-woven cloth usually of cotton used especially for bedsheets. Merriam-Webster.com.
  • 3. A skein is a length of yarn or thread wound on a reel or into a coil. OED
  • 4. Deleted text: 260