Wadsworth, John, - 1689

Sergeant John Wadsworth (C. 1632-November 6, 1689) was the son of William Wadsworth (1595-1675) and Sarah Talcott and the husband of Sarah Stanley.  A member of the standing council for Indian affairs during King Philip's War, and an Assistant in the Upper House, he was one of the most prominent and wealthiest men in Farmington at his time, with the third highest taxable estates in the town in 1669.  Wadsworth served as one of the jurors in the 1662 witch trial in Hartford that condemned three women to be hung.  Horace Andrew Wadsworth, Two Hundred and Fifty Years of the Wadsworth Family (Lawrence, MA: Eagle Steam Job Printing Rooms, 1883), 202.  J. Ralph Lindgren, The Lindgren/Tryon Genealogy (Victoria, BC, Canada: Trafford Publishing, 2007), 154-5. Sources for this biography also come from the Related Digital Heritage Items listed below.
c. 1632
November 6, 1689