North, John, 1615 - 1692

Arriving in New England on the Susan and Ellen in 1635 and settling at Ipswich, Massachusetts, John North later removed to Farmington, Connecticut as one of its earliest proprietors.  In 1653, he purchased ten acres of land in the Little Meadow from Nicholas Mason.  Hurlburt, Farmington Clerks, 367.  Additional sources for this biography come from the Related Digital Heritage Items listed below.

Scott, Thomas, - 1643

Born in England, Thomas Scott (d. 1643) arrived at the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634.  The following year, he was one of John Steele's Adventurers Party that explored the land around the Connecticut River that became Hartford, of which he was one of the original founders.  Scott also explored the territory west of the Connecticut River that would be suitable for settlement, Tunxis land that would become the town of Farmington.

Judd, Thomas, 1608 - 1688

Born in Langley Parish, Kent, England, Thomas Judd (1608-1688) arrived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1633 or 1634, settling at the west end of Cambridge.  He removed to Hartford, Connecticut and then became a substantial farmer at Farmington.  Judd was elected a deputy to the General Court for Farmington in 1647 and served, at various times until 1679.  Judd served as the deacon of the Congregational Church.  As one of the 84 proprietors of Farmington, his land holdings were extensive and covered what is now five or six towns.  After the death of his wife, he remarried an

Warner, John, 1615 - 1679

Born in Boxted, England in 1615, John Warner (1615-before December 4, 1679) sailed to new England on the Increase in 1635 bound for Ipswich, Massachusetts.  He took up residence in Hartford, served in the Pequot War of 1637.  By 1657, Warner removed to Farmington as an original proprietor.  For his military service, the General Court awarded him fifty acres of land in October 1671.  Two years later, Warner was one of three men who indicated that they had found Mattatuck (Waterbury) suitable for English plantation.  He became a patentee for that town but did not remove. 

Wadsworth, William, 1594 - 1675

Born in Long Buckley, West Riding, Yorkshire, England, William Wadsworth traveled to Virginia but returned in 1621 when the Jamestown settlement was attacked by Indians.  Eleven years later in 1632, he was brought up on charges of not receiving communion at his parish church, but by that time, Wadsworth, his wife, Sarah, and their four children were on board the Lyon, sailing to New England.

Strong, John, - 1665

John Strong (bp. 1591-November 25, 1665) was baptized at Fairsled, Essex County, England in 1591 and immigrated to Dorchester in Massachusetts by 1630.  Strong was part of the advance team who prepared the way to Hartford for Thomas Hooker's congregation in 1635.  He viewed Farmington from Talcott Mountain in 1639 and eventually settled at Farmington as early as 1645.  Hooker served as the town's clerk from 1646 to 1665.

Goodwin, William, 1591 - 1674

Most likely born in Essex County, England, William Goodwin removed to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1632, where he became an elder of the congregation and deputy to the Massachusetts General Court. Goodwin was a member of the Adventurers Party which explored the land around the Connecticut River that would become Hartford, Connecticut. 

Woodruff, Matthew, 1616 - 1682

Born in England, the immigrant Matthew Woodruff (1616-September 6, 1682) became one of the first English settler-colonists of Farmington.  In his will, an inventory indicated that at that time he owned eight acres land in the Little Meadow, four and a half acres in the Great Meadow, and other property in the "ought lands" to his children.