Wadsworth, William, 1671 - 1751

William Wadsworth (1671-1751) was the son of John Wadsworth and Sarah Stanley of Farmington, Connecticut.  He was appointed captain of the town's 1st Company of train band in 1717.  He married twice, first to Abigail Lewis and second to Sarah Bunce.  Through that last marriage, he had a son Captain William Wadsworth.  Wadsworth served as representative (1718-40) and as justice of the peace for Farmington.  His property at Indian Neck abutted Tunxis properties.  As a justice of the peace, he witnessed several land transactions from the Tunxis to colonial Farmington settlers.
Find A Grave (Memeno Mori Cemetery, Farmington, CT).  Sources for this biography also come from the Related Digital Heritage Items listed below.
October 26, 1751