Allyn, John, 1631 - 1696

Lt. Col. John Allyn, the son of Matthew Allyn and Margaret Wyatt, was born on February 24, 1631 in Brauton, Devon, England, and emigrated to Cambridge in Masaschusetts Bay with his parents in 1632 and removed to Windsor, Connecticut Colony around 1640.   The elder Allyn became a deputy for the town of Windsor and a commander of the United Colonies.   John followed his father into public service by accepting a number of military and government posts.  He was the town clerk of Hartford from 1659 to 1696, a deputy or magistrate of the Colony from 1661 to 1665, and the secretary of Connecticut Colony for 30 years (1664-65, 1667-1686, 1689-1696).   During the brief Dominion of New England, he served on Andros' controversial council from 1686 to 1689.  Throughout his career as a representative of the Colony, Allyn played an active role in directing Indian affairs.  In 1660 he served on a committee to lay out and divide Podunk land.  In the aftermath of King Philip's War, he was one of a committee of the Connecticut Colony's war council to dispose of Indian captives.  Later in his life, the General Court appointed him to treat with the Five Nations.   John Allyn died on November 6, 1696 at Hartford.  PRCC; State of Connecticut, Register and Manual, 1983 (Hartford, 1983), 87.
February 24, 1631
November 6, 1696