Allyn, Matthew, - 1671

The Honorable Matthew Allyn (c. 1604- ) was the son of Richard and Margaret Allyn of Braunton, Devon, England.  He sailed to the Massachusetts Bay Colony where he became a freeman of Cambridge and served as a representative of the General Court.  Allyn removed to Windsor where he was a representative to the Connecticut General Court (1648-1658, except 1653), a magistrate (1657-1667), and Commissioner for the United Colonies of New England (1660-4).  Allyn was appointed to deal with the Pocumtuck in 1657 and was part of a committee to divide Podunk lands in 1659.  By 1663, his substantial land holding interests in what would become Killingsworth led to his becoming one of the first founders of that town.  Cutter, New England Families, Vol. 1, 153-4.

c. 1604
February 1, 1671