Tatapenoa was a Pootatuck woman whose name means “I can reach it with the hand.”  She was the wife of Gideon Mawehu and the mother of eight children: Joshua (Job), Wanawahek (Roger/Martin), Maria, Meschensqua (Johanna), Uranesqua, M'tachansqua, Christina, and Chuse (Joseph).  Her half sibling was Jonathan Worrups.  Starna and Starna, Gideon's People 1:486.


Tschanatamsquah was a woman from Pootatuck, whose name means “unknowing or ignorant person”  In the 1750s, she occasionally traveled to New Milford and to the seaside, selling handicrafts.  She had at least one daughter, Tatapenoa, and an unspecified relative named Elizabeth.

Eunice Mossock, one of the Indian Natives, deposeth and says1 she was well acquainted with Sarah Wampey, late of Farmington, an Indian squaw now deceased, and that the said Sarah always told this deponent that she came from Poquannock at or near Stratford, and that the mother of said Sarah was frequently at Farmington with her daughter, the said Sarah, and a nu

Sherman, Tabitha

Tabitha Sherman (d. 1807)was a daughter of Tom Sherman (Pootatuck) and Eunice Shoran (Pequannock) of the Golden Hill Community in Stratford, Connecticut.  She had two daughters and possibly a son.  Not much is known about her. Tabitha and other family members petitioned for her father's land to be sold in 1802.  Unlike her sisters Eunice and Sarah, Tabitha remained at Golden Hill after the sale. Summary under the Criteria (Golden Hill Paugussett, 2003), 33, 137.

Whereas, complaint in the summer last past being made to the Governor, etc., that the shepherd of Stratford was taken by two Indians and dragged away by the hair of the head and beaten and stamped, so as that he was left for dead, and that a child was at Stratford found dead, his head taken off, his hands also taken off at the wrists, joints, and other ways barbarously mangled, and it was greatly (suspected) and by the Governor and Council, upon consideration of what was laid before them, concluded that


Resolved that a person be forthwith sent to Captain Joseph Minor of Woodbury and from this Assembly order that he inform the sachems or chief Indians of Pootatuck and Owwaenunggannnunck, our friend Indians, that they have liberty to go to hunting, provided the said Indians give a list or account of their names of Pootatuck Indians to said Captain Joseph Minor of the Indians of Owwaenunggannnunck to Captain Stephen Nobles of New Milford, and that they inform said Indians that we don’t give them any liberty of goi

To the Honorable General Assembly sitting at New Haven