Appointment of Wawowos and Shum as Tunxis Leaders and Pledge of Fidelity from Tunxis and Other Indians

At a meeting with Farmington Indians at Mr. Wadsworth’s, September 17, 1688, viz., Mr. Wadsworth,1 William Lewis, Captain John Stanley, meeting first with Farmington’s own company propounding to them that being their chief men now dead, who they would make choice of to be chief amongst them.  They desired Mr. Wadsworth to nominate a man or two, who did nominate Wawowos and Shum, and all those that were present well approved of them and themselves accepted, and we whose names abovesaid with the Indians present do agree in the premises and so appoint Wawowos and Shum to be the chief amongst them as captains to whom the English may have recourse at all times.    
As witness their hands,
John Wadsworth             
William Lewis, Sr.                     
John Stanley, Sr.             
Nonebash, his mark
Judas, his mark
Patucko, his mark
Wisquatake, his mark
Quanuphunn, his mark
Warun-Compound, his mark
Naquato, his mark
Chepan, his mark
Wawarakeshun, his mark
Tom, his mark
Nehechehunt, his mark
Queroheag, his mark
Quatawaquete. his mark
Nanawet, his mark
Wawowos and Shum, Farmington Indians, the day and year above [ illegible ], having in the presence of all the Indians that were at home, accepted of the place of captains or chief men amongst all the Indian now in our town and do promise to carry quietly and peaceably towards all English and to give an account to Mr. Wadsworth of any strange Indians coming and to discover any plottings or contrivance against the English, as also give an account of any misdemeanors as drunkenness, and they herby oblige themselves that they with the rest of their Indians will carry it peaceably and quietly observing English laws and orders, as witness their hands. 
Wawowos, his mark
Shum, his mark
September 17, 1688
Witness: John Wadsworth, William Lewis, John Stanley, Sr.
We whose names are here under written do oblige ourselves, not being properly Tunxis Indians, by these presents to walk peaceably and quietly towards the English in all our behavior and to attend all orders from lawful authority as Farmington Indians, also to be subject to Shum and Wawowos as their chief commanders as witness their hands the day above said.
John Indian, alias Mashowquis, his mark
Matchsquas, his mark
Pumpkin, alias Mantwomake, his mark
James, alias Pamepumhott, his mark
Coconas, his mark
Cocosawan, his mark
Corricump, his mark
Atumpehot, his mark
Papamawont, his mark
Mattaun, his mark
Harry, alias, Nanaquis, his mark
Chechepeallum, his mark
Pacut, his mark
Farmington, September 17, 1688
  • 1. John Wadsworth