Letter from Major John Mason to the Connecticut General Assembly

Much honored Gentleman in the Lord,                                                                        

Not long since through God’s goodness and mercy to me, I had some comfortable hopes [to]  have seen your faces this court, but it is good pleasure so to deal with me that I am disable to undertake such a journey at present.  I have also wrote in reference to several particulars but considering the little effect that is wrought thereby, ordinarily I thought it would be better  not to trouble you therewith then otherwise.

Uncas and his son Joshua hath long and often desired me to write to yourselves concerning someclaim they make to a certain tract of land within the bounds of the town of Lyme.  I can say nothing what his right may be to the same.  Only this I shall make bold to present to your consideration.  My present thoughts that if Joshua can make it rationally appear that the land he claim did belong to one Attawanhood, who was a great sachem and, as I understand, his grandfather’s younger brother, then undoubtedly it belongs to Joshua.   They look at this business as matter of great moment, I doubt not, but the court will show them favor as far as is meet in a righteous way.  Tis that I do much desire I should also hope that the town of Lyme will take things seriously into consideration.   The place in question seems at a great distance from their town and so the least prejudicial.  They being on the coming land respecting matters of religion, and, therefore, we shall all be ready to afford all due encouragement.  Our town have given Uncas’ other son several hundred acres of land about two miles from the town.   I suppose it may not prove prejudicial to the town, they securing their corn themselves and in reason less troublesome to Lyme, it being at greater distance from their town by far.  I have no more at present but humbly entreating your remembrance of me at the Throne of Grace, beseeching the God of Peace who brought again from the dead, the Lord Jesus, the Great Shepherd of His sheep, make us perfect in every good word and work to do His will unto whose hands I commend you and your weighty affairs, who am your afflicted yet real servant,

John Mason


May 8, 1671                                                   

            Address:           To the honorable the General Assembly at Hartford, this be presented with                                         trust.

            Endorsement:   Major John Mason’s letter about Joshua’s demand of land, etc.

            Notation:          Major John Mason’s letter to the General Assembly relating to Joshua’s Demand                                            of Land / May 1671

            Cataloguing:    24,28a