Orders for Thomas Stanton

Thomas Stanton you are hereby desired to go with what speed you can to Pessicus, the chief sachem of the Narragansetts, as also to Ninigret and Webetomauge and deliver to them in reference to themselves and all their confederates in the Indian tongue as near as may be the message hereafter written in the words wherein they are expressed as sent unto them and them from all the Commissioners of the United Colonies now met at Boston in the Massachusetts.  And you are to bring back to us, with all convenient speed their answer and resolutions with what other considerable passages you meet with either said Pessicus or any other considerable sachem, counselor, captain or [ illegible ],                                                       

The United Colonies have now near two year waited for the performance of the covenant made at Boston by the said Narragansett Sachems in the several parts concerning the English, etc., but have hitherto found nothing [ hole ] tending to satisfaction  the last year they should have met the Commissioners at New Haven.  Uncas then attended but they neither came nor sent.  The Commissioners therefore now assembled at Boston expect them all, with full satisfaction to the several aforementioned engagements. Uncas is appointed to meet them here and expected daily.  [ illegible ] for their encouragement the Commissioners hereby promise full safety, that they shall come and return without danger from the English colonies.  If they refuse or delay, they intend to send no more but to proceed hereafter as they shall see cause.

June 27, 1647

Notation:         The message sent by Thomas Stanton from the Commissioners, July 27, 1647 and the oath given to him.

Cataloguing:  12a