Deposition of Thomas Edwards

The deposition of Thomas Edwards, aged 30 years or there about, testifieth and saith that an Indian of about [ torn ] years of age did tell me that Ninigret was about to build three wigwams for the Indians to meet in, and that they were minded to go to fight.  And that there were to come to him the Block Island Indians and such as were of them that were not willing to fight Ninigret sent them back again, and this was confirmed to me by my seeing five canoes come over.  Also the Cowesett Indians, the Pequots, Mohegans, Long Islanders were to come.  Wampanoags and Mohawks were to be there.  And that Ninigret was going to build a fort at Shameungenac, and this was told me before I heard anything of any plotting of the Indians.  And that the Long Islanders were to send, or had within this day or two, a great deal of wampum to help them in the war.  Whereupon I asked with whom they were to fight.  He answered he could not tell.

This testimony was taken upon oath before us 

Thomas Minor               

James Avery, Commissioners

July 20, 1669

Cataloguing:  27, 23