Petition on Behalf of Uncas

We, whose names are under written, have observed that Uncas is and hath been disadvantaged, by various reports raised and fostered upon him by disaffected persons, and general credence given thereunto in these parts and is noised in the Bay,1 and in this Colony, to his prejudice as he alledgeth, and has often made his complaint to us as (he conceived unbiased) therefore thought this his own motion and proper act as to the sum and substance of the matter almost word for word may be we doubt not by your wisdom redressed and a stop put to the torrent current that begins to burn in the breasts of many: And future inconveniences timeously allayed.  So we humbly subscribe,

Samuel Mason

John Stanton

Benjamin Brewster

            Notation:           1678 May 21th2

            Cataloguing:  about 16783

38, 45

  • 1. Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • 2. Date crossed out in the original.
  • 3. Date supplied by Sylvester Judd during initial cataloguing of this collection