Conveyance of Land from Farmington Indians

Know all men by this presents that we, Shrowashk, Tom’s squaw, and Noketwo and Wasiasht and Wequashk and Tom’s squaw’s youngest daughter, being the daughters of Tom’s squaw and living in Farmington in County of Hartford and Colony of Connecticut in New England do hereby bind ourselves our heirs, executors and administrators jointly and severally to pay or cause to be paid to Thomas Wadsworth of Farmington in the aforesaid county and colony to him, his heirs and assigns, order or lawful attorney in any place where it shall be demanded, the full and just sum of three pounds in current lawful silver money and six shillings upon the hundred or after that proportion by the year for the whole time we shall defer or neglect to pay the same after the date hereof.  The consideration of this obligation is for three pounds current money in hand received of the aforesaid Wadsworth  and the condition of this obligation is such that provided the aforesaid Thomas Wadsworth, his heirs and successors do forever quietly, peaceably possess, enjoy and improve without any trouble, molestation, demand or disturbance a parcel of land in the Indian’s Neck butted easterly and westerly on Tom’s squaw’s land northerly part on Ebenezer Steele’s land and part on Jon Mohawk’s1 squaw’s land and part on land that was Catornquechet’s2 and southerly on land in possession of William Wadsworth which parcel of land contains by estimation one acre then this obligation to be void and of non-effect otherwise to stand in full force and virtue and in witness here unto we have set to our hands and seals in the presence of                            

Tom’s squaw, her mark
Noketwo, her mark
Wasiasht, her mark
Wequashk, her mark                                                   
The young squaw, her mark  
September 10, 1708     


Viz., witnesses: John Wadsworth, Hezekiah Wadsworth


Thomas Wadsworth Bond from Certain Indians




  • 1. Most likely John Montaugk also known as John Shoran
  • 2. Most likely Katherine Quichick