Examination of Kesuckquanch

June 6, 1678   

Kesequonunt, being examined, was asked where he had been that day.  He answered, a ’hunting and brought half a deer to town.  Being asked what he done with his gun, he replied, he left it at Wheeler’s. Being asked what he did with his venison, he answered he left one quarter with Josias, the other quarter he carried with him and going along he called at Mr. Bolles and demanded half a pint of liquors, which Keweebhunt said he would give him if he came there.  Mrs. Bolles replied she had no liquors in the house, neither did she use to sell liquors but if she had liquors to sell she would give him half a pint.  And from thence he went with his quarter of venison to Thomas Williams' house, where he first said he had but half a pint of rum, but being examined more strictly, owned he had one quart of rum of Thomas Williams for his venison and likewise owned that as he came back from Thomas Williams' he met with Keweebhunt about half way between said Williams’ and Mr. Bolles’ house which was about sunset or rather a little after and farther sayeth that from Mr. Bolles’ house he did run all the way to town.  And being asked whether he saw any Indians in the way, either drunk or sober, he replied he saw none and till he came into town to the company that were between Mr. Wheeler’s and Mrs. Lattimore’s and when was sat down, they gave him some victuals to eat and as soon as he had eat, the alarm was that Mrs. Bolles and her children1 were killed.  And when was first seized in the night he said to those that seized him, “What is the matter you lay hold of me?  Is Thomas Bolles’ wife and children dead?”  Being demanded to give a reason of his so saying, he gave none, though sundry times pressed to give an answer.  And being asked whether he did not know who killed the woman and children, he answered, he did not certainly know, but the old man might do it.

Cataloguing:  104, 116

  • 1. The children referred to are Mary and Joseph Bolles.