Examination of John Stoddard

Hartford, July 27, 1678

John Stoddard being examined sayeth that being at Mrs. Bolles’ he desired to lie there but she would not but bid him be gone and thrust him out of doors and struck him.  He went in again and as she sat with her face to the doors he took the ax and struck Mrs. Bolles on the hinder part of the head with the ax.  And she fell down and he struck her another blow with the ax and killed her.  He also sayeth that for fear the children1 should go down to the town and tell of it, he took the ax and killed them by knocking of them in the head, but the little child he did not meddle with it because there was no danger of its telling of what he had done.  He also owns he killed his brother by knocking him with a hatchet on the head and the reason was because he cried.

This examination taken before the honored governor ,

William Leete, Governor, and John Allyn, Assistant                                     

            Cataloguing:  110, 123, 109

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  • 1. The children referred to are Mary and Joseph Bolles.