Petition of Henry Matthews, a Mohegan, to Confirm Title to Real Estate

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to Be Holden at New Haven on the First Wednesday of May A.D. 18501

The petition of Henry Mathews respectfully represents that he is a member of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians located in the town of Montville, County of New London and State of Connecticut, that it is a custom among said Mohegan Tribe of Indians to give real estate by will that the overseer and county court have never interfered with said custom of willing lands to a member of said tribe.  That he holds his land by a will duly executed and has been in peaceable possession of the same since A.D. 1845.  That the overseer of said tribe put him in possession thereof and has since allowed your petitioner to improve or to let and demise the said real estate for such sum and price as to your petitioner seemed meet and proper.  That your petitioner does not feel safe under the present title to make any costly or permanent improvement on his said real estate  He, therefore, prays Your Honorable Body to confirm his title to said real estate.

And your petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray,

Henry Mathews
Dated at Montville, April 17, 1850                                                

Legislative Action:

20 / Petition of Henry Mathews, a Mohegan Indian, to confirm title to real estate / No. 104 / Entered, May Session, 1850, Hiram Weed, Secretary of State / Senate May 7, 1850Referred to Joint Standing Committee on Judiciary, Henry I. Fuller, Clerk / House of Representatives, May 6, 1850, House concurred with the Senate in conference, Edward S. Cleveland, Assistant Clerk / Senate, June 21st 1850, Continued to next Session of General Assembly, Henry I. Fuller, Clerk  / House of Representatives, June 21, 1850 ,House Concurred,2  Edward S. Cleveland, Assistant Clerk

Petition of Henry Mathews, a Mohegan, to confirm title to Real Estate / No. 6 / Continued from May Session, 1850 and re-entered, May Session, 1851, James Hammond Trumbull, Clerk for John P. C. Mather, Secretary of State / Senate, May 14, 1851, Referred to Joint Standing Committee on the Judiciary, Stephen W. Kellogg, Clerk / House of Representative, May 20, 1851, House concurred, Moses W. Wilson, Assistant Clerk / Senate, June 13, 1851, Petitioner has leave to Withdraw, Stephen. W. Kellogg, Clerk / House of Representatives,  June 16, 1851, Petitioner has leave to withdraw, Moses W. Wilson, Assistant Clerk / Com 13 / Petitioner leave to withdraw



  • 1. The first Wednesday in May 1850 was May 1st.
  • 2. The name Belcher, most likely that of Senator Nathan Belcher, was inserted in pencil and crossed out. There are several other illegible penciled insertions overwriting the text at this point.