Resolution on the Petition of Joseph Williams and Others concerning the Mohegan Tribe of Indians

General Assembly May Session 1831.

Upon the petition of Joseph Williams and others praying for an appropriation from the treasury of this state for the support of a school and of religious instruction for the benefit of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians,

Be it further resolved that the overseer be requested to enumerate all the children in said Tribe of Mohegans between the ages of four and sixteen years and he is hereby authorized to draw the proportion of school money for the same and that they shall not be enumerated in any other school district.

Legislative Action:

Resolution / 1 R 20 / House of Representatives,  May Session, Passed.  Attest., Cyrus H. Beardsley, Clerk / [ illegible ] / In Senate 1831, Negatived.  Attest., Charles M. Emerson, Clerk / Messrs. Jeremiah Sturges and Jonathan G. W. Trumbull appointed to confer, Attest., Cyrus H. Beardsley, Clerk / In Senate 1831, concurred and approved, Honorable Mr. Huntington, Attest., Cyrus H. Beardsley, Clerk / In Senate 1831, On report of committee of conference the Senate do adhere, Attest., Charles M. Emerson


40A, 40B