Appointment of Upper House Committee to Inquire into Mohegan Land Controversy

In the Upper House, the Honorable Jonathan Trumbull, Esq., Robert Walker, and William Samuel Johnson, Esqs., are appointed a committee to join such gentlemen as the Lower House shall appoint to take into consideration what is further necessary to be done concerning the case of the Mohegan Indians now before King and Council in Great Britain in consequence of the representation of Eliphalet Dyer, Esq., made to this Assembly relative thereto and to make report to this Assembly of their opinion thereon.

Legislative Action:       Test, George Wyllys, Secretary.  In the Lower House, Ebenezer Silliman, Esq., Benjamin Hall, Esq., Jabez Hamlin, Esq., Mr. Hillhouse, Captain Bulkley, Dr. Wolcott, Mr. John Phelps, Mr. Payne and Mr. Foot are joined a committee in the affair abovesaid.  Test, William Williams, Clerk

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