Memorial of Sarah Poquiantup to the Connecticut General Assembly requesting Leave to Sell Land

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be Holden at New Haven on the Second Thursday of October Instant1

The memorial of Sarah Poquiantup of Lyme in the County of New London in behalf of herself and her children, heirs to the estate of Isaac Poquiantup, late of said Lyme, deceased, humbly sheweth that your memorialists are Natives and of the Tribe of Indians residing at Niantic in said Lyme and, being about to remove into the Oneida Country and being possessed of about fourteen acres of land lying in said Lyme, which said deceased purchased in his lifetime, which we are desirous of disposing of, but by the law of this State cannot give a legal title to any real estate without the interposition of Your Honours.  We, therefore, pray that Your Honours would take our case into your wise consideration and decree that a deed executed by your memorialists (or such other person or persons as Your Honours shall think proper) shall legally convey said land to the purchaser or in some other way grant relief to your memorialists.

And they as in duty bound shall ever pray,

Sarah Poquiantup, her mark
Aaron  Poquiantup
Lucy Poquiantup, her mark
Solomon  Poquiantup
Dated at Lyme, this October 7, 1799

Legislative Action:

In the House of Representatives, the prayer of the foregoing is granted with liberty of a bill, etc.  Attest, John C. Smith, Clerk.  Concurred in the Upper House.  Test, Samuel Wyllys, Secretary / Memorial of Sarah Poquiantup, etc. / October 1799 / Granted House of Representatives / Granted Upper House / Bill / Passed House of Representatives / Passed Upper House / Copy / Entered


90 a, 90 b /129

  • 1. The second Thursday of October in 1799 was the 10th.