Poquiantup, Isaac, - 1789

Isaac Poquiantup, a member of the Niantic Tribe in the East Society of Lyme, Connecticut, may have been the son of Samson Poquiantup and Hannah Justice (the aunt of Samson Occom).  He was the brother of Joseph Poquiantup and married a woman named Sarah.  The couple had several children:  Lucy, Solomon, Aaron, Abigail, and possibly SarahIn 1762, Joseph was one of many tribal signers of an agreement settling a controversy over the Upper 100 Acre lot of Niantic land.  Two years later, he and Joseph bought several tracts of land in the East Society and added to their property over the years.    Isaac Poquiantup died in late November 1789 and was buried in Lyme, Connecticut on the 25th of that month.  Brooks, 425.  Lyme LR XVIII:319, XI:6, XVI:45, XVIII:15, Moses Warren Diary, Black Roots, 314.

November 1789