Poquiantup, Aaron, 1777 - 1835

Aaron Poquiantup, the son of Isaac and Sarah Poquiantup, was a member of the Western Niantic Tribe of the Eastern Society in Lyme, Connecticut.  He was the husband of Lovinia, most likely a member of the Narragansett Tribe.  In 1795, Poquiantup acquired lot 130 at Brothertown in Oneida Country.   Four years later, he, with his mother, brothers, and sisters, petitioned the Connecticut General Assembly to be able to sell land at Lyme, in preparation for his emigration to Brothertown in Oneida County.  By early fall in 1808, Poquiantup and his mother at Brothertown petitioned once more for the sale of land.  He served as town treasurer of Brothertown from 1808 to 1810.  IP 2.1.90, IP 2.1.91, IP 2.1.92, IP 2.1.98, IP 2.1.99.  Love, Samson Occom, p. 357-378.  Brothertown Indian Cemetery, Deansboro, NY.

December 2, 1835