Resolution of the Connecticut General Assembly on the Petition of the Selectmen of Brooklyn

At the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut Holden at New Haven on the Second Thursday1 of October AD 1802. 

Upon the petition of Andrew Murdock, Joseph Scarborough, John Ashcraft, John Parrish, and Vine Robinson, selectmen of the Town of Brooklyn in the County of Windham shewing to this Assembly that Hannah Jowon and Lucy Jowon, Indian women, are possessed of a tract of land in said Town of Brooklyn of about one hundred acres with a small house thereon, that said Indian women have a number of children, that they are idle and strolling about the country and are become burdensome to the inhabitants adjacent, that if said lands were well-managed, they would afford them a comfortable support, and that there is now no person authorized to take care of them or their estate.  Praying this assembly to appoint some suitable person as guardian and overseer to said Lucy and Hannah, and their estate with full power to take care of them and their property as per petition on file.

Resolved by this Assembly that Nathan Witter, Jr. be appointed guardian and overseer to the persons and estate of the said Lucy and Hannah Jowon with full power to take care of their said lands and dispose of the annual rents and profits arising therefrom for the comfort and support of them and their heirs.

Legislative Action:

Passed in the House of Representatives.  Attest Timothy Pitkin, Jr., Clerk.  In the Upper House, concurred in passing this bill by erasing the words in the bill preceding the word "upon" in the third line from the top of the bill.  Test, Samuel Wyllys, Secretary.  In the House of Representatives, concurred with the Governor2 and Council in their Vote on this bill in form.  Test, Timothy Pitkin, Jr., Clerk / Bill in form


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  • 1. The second Thursday in October 1802 was the 7th.
  • 2. Jonathan Trumbull, Jr.