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Indigenous Name: Shawmut ("near or at the neck")
Territorial Homeland: Massachusett Territory
Associated Tribal Affiliations:


Boston, Massachusetts is a city in Suffolk County, Massachusetts within the Massachusett Indian territory.  Its Native space included the several islands in its harbor: Noddle's Island, Long Island, Thompson's Island, Deer and Hog Islands.  Boston was settled by English colonists on September 7, 1630 and later incorporated as a City in 1822.  The boundary line between Boston and Brookline was established in 1825.  The boundary line between Boston and Roxbury was established in 1836 and changed in 1837 and 1850.  Part of Dorchester was annexed to Boston in 1855.

Native Place Names

  • Accomonticus ("beyond the hill-little-cove") is the area of the Charletown Shipyard.  INB
  • Hoanantum is the name of a hill.  D-LM
  • Mananduk is a cedar swamp within the City's limits. D-LM
  • Messatsoosec "great hills mouth")
  • Mishaum, the Charles River.  INB
  • Mushauwomuk ("canoe crossing place") was at the head of the cove where canoes came from Mishaumut (Charlestown) and Winnesimmet (Chelsea)  INB
  • Shawmut ("near or at the neck")

Image: J. Turner, View of Boston, The American Magazine, August 1745.  LOC