Whetmore, Thomas, 1615 - 1681

Thomas Whetmore was the son of John Whetmore of Hitchen, Hertfordshire, England.  He appears in Connecticut Colony in 1635.  In 1645, he became the husband of Sarah Hall, daughter of John Hall and Ann Wilcock.  In early 1652, Whetmore moved to Middletown, Connecticut, where he held the position of constable (1652, 1653, 1662), represented the town at the General Court (1654, 1655).  He was a member of several commissions organized by the Connecticut General Court and by the Town of Middletown to ascertain the bounds of the Indian land at Wangunk in 1666 and 1670.  At his death, he owned several tracts of land at Wangunk, which he gave by will to his sons.  James Carnahan Wetmore, The Wetmore Family of America, and its Collateral Branches (Albany: J. Munsell, 1861), 11-26.  Charles W. Manwaring, Digest of Early Connecticut Probate Records, Harford District (Hartford, 1902), p. 382.  

c. 1615
December 11, 1681

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