Judd, Thomas, 1638 - 1703

Lieutenant Thomas Judd (January 18, 1638-January 10, 1703) was the son of Deacon Thomas Judd and Sarah Freeman of Farmington, Connecticut.  He served as Waterbury's deputy to the General Court for eleven sessions between 1689 and 1703 and a justice of the peace from 1699 to 1703.  He was a sergeant in 1682 and promoted to ensign four years later, and then to lieutenant in 1696.   

Judd was a witness to the Tunxis deed in 1650. In September 1677, Judd was one of the assignees of the first Mattatuck (Waterbury) deed and was a grantee in several other Native land negations.  As a proprietor of Waterbury, Judd was entitled to a large quantity of land there, while still remaining a proprietor of Farmington. Thomas Judd died on January 10, 1703.

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January 18, 1638
January 10, 1703