Judd, Thomas, 1608 - 1688

Born in Langley Parish, Kent, England, Thomas Judd (1608-1688) arrived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1633 or 1634, settling at the west end of Cambridge.  He removed to Hartford, Connecticut and then became a substantial farmer at Farmington.  Judd was elected a deputy to the General Court for Farmington in 1647 and served, at various times until 1679.  Judd served as the deacon of the Congregational Church.  As one of the 84 proprietors of Farmington, his land holdings were extensive and covered what is now five or six towns.  After the death of his wife, he remarried and removed to Northampton, Massachusetts, where he became one of the town's selectmen in 1682.
Sylvester Judd, Thomas Judd and His Descendants (Northampton, MA: J. & L. Metcalf, 1856), 9-11.  Additional sources for this biography come from the Related Digital Heritage Items listed below.