Bill from Dudley R. Wheeler to Erastus Williams, Overseer to the Western Pequot Indians

Mr. Erastus Williams for Pequot Tribe of Indians
Fourteen yards F.C. plaid1 at 18 cents per yard          2.52
Four yards cotton shirting2 at 12 ½ cents per yard    + .50
Received pay                                                            $3.02
Dudley R. Wheeler
March 6, 1826
Endorsement: Dudley R. Wheeler’s Bill, Number 6, $3.02
  • 1. It is unclear what the abbreviation F.C. stands for. Flannel, cambric perhaps.
  • 2. A general term for any fabric used in making men's or women's shirts. The Fairchild Books Dictionary of Textiles, 556.