Deposition of Stephen Numock in the Trial of Eliakim Quacum

Stephen Numock of full age testifieth and saith that he, being at a place called Back River in Sandwich sometime in the month of April last past, and he th[e]n saw Eliakim Quacum in a canoe of Elijah Perry's[1] and, he knowing that it was said Perry's canoe, and he then pursued said Quacum in order to stop him with said canoe but could not and further saith not, only said Quacum had been skulking about there three or four days, and, as he supposed, waiting for an opportunity to take said canoe and attempting so to do once before this time, he stop him from so doing and that the said canoe had a cut or burn on one side.


Stephen Numock, his mark



Taken upon oath in open court, July 3, 1729. Nathaniel Otis, [Clerk?]


Quacum trial




[1] This Elijah Perry may have been the deacon in Sandwich, Massachusetts (1701-1773).  Find A Grave.