Contract of the Corporation of Harvard College with Phineas Fish

The Corporation of Harvard College, being entrusted with certain funds, destined for the support of the Gospel, among the Indians, employed Mr. Phineas Fish as a Candidate in the Plantation of Mashpee. It having appeared that he is acceptable and useful in that situation, he has been invited to take the pastoral charge of the people in that place, with occasional services to the Indians at Herring Pond, to which invitation he has consented.

The terms following were offered by the Corporation and accepted by Mr. Fish; that is, Mr. Fish to receive five hundred and twenty dollars annual salary to be paid quarter-yearly, and two hundred and fifty dollars as a settlement, said salary to be paid him, so long as he shall continue in the service above named.1

President of Harvard College
September 18, 1811


Contract of Harvard Corporation With Phineas Fish.  September 18, 1811


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  • 1. Fish had signed a contract with the Overseers of the Mashpee on August 23. See Contract between the Marshpee Overseers and Phineas Fish, 1811.08.23.00.