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Prince, Elsie, - 1865

Elsie Prince was the daughter of Asa and Phebe Prince of Groton, Massachusetts, and the wife of James Jackson.  She and James had three children: Isaac, George, and Erastus.  When her son George was convicted and sentenced to death, Elsie successfully petitioned the Connecticut General Assembly for commutation to life imprisonment. 

Jackson, James

James Jackson was the husband of Elsie Prince.  In 1805, his mother-in-law, Phoebe Prince, deeded land in Groton, Connecticut to him, and there Jackson and Elsie raised their sons -- Isaac, George, and Erastus.  A family of four appears as his household in the 1830 Groton census.  Jackson died between 1837 and 1847.
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Jackson, Isaac, 1809 -

Isaac Jackson was the son of James Jackson and Elsie Prince of Groton, Connecticut.  In 1847, he and his brother George were accused of the murder of Edward Nedson, an Eastern Pequot.  Isaac was aquitted of the charges but George was found guilty.  In 1867, Isaac was found to be incompetent, and a conservator was appointed to manage his affairs.

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Hewitt, Nancy, 1793 -

Nancy Hewitt (June 23, 1793-) was the daughter of Elias Hewitt and Anna Hull.  She married Erastus Williams on February 15, 1818 in Groton and had nine children.  One of the members of her household after the death of Erastus Williams in 1845 was Edward Nedson, an elderly Eastern Pequot man who served as their servant.  In the late summer of 1847, Nedson was brutally assaulted by George and Isaac Jackson at the nearby Mashantucket Pequot reservation on August 1

Williams, Erastus, 1785 - 1845

Erastus Williams (September 16, 1785-November 11, 1845) was the son of Lt. William Williams and Prudence Stanton Fanning and the husband of Nancy Hewitt.  He was an ensign in Cogswell's 8th Regiment in 1810 and 1811 in the 8th under Belcher's command.  He later served in the War of 1812 and was present at the bombardment of Stonington in August 1814.

Williams, William, 1823 -

Born in 1823, William Williams was the son of Erastus and Nancy Hewitt of Groton, now Ledyard, Connecticut.  In 1847, his household included Edward Nedson, an Eastern Pequot, who was fatally assaulted by George Jackson, a man of color from Groton.  Williams and his mother served as witnesses in Jackson's trial.  Williams married Mary Allen (Allyn) on Apr. 26, 1848 in Connecticut and took her west to Iowa. Later, he married Mary E. Williams on May 14, 1855.

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Storrs, William Lucius, 1795 - 1861

A graduate of Yale College in 1814, William Lucius Storrs was admitted to the bar and opened a practice in his hometown, Middletown, Connecticut three years later.  He was elected to the House of Representatives from 1827-1829, 1834, serving as speaker in that last year.  He was elected to the United State House of Representatives in 1829, reelected in 1838, and resigned in 1840 to serve as a judge in the Connecticut Superior Court.  From 1857 to 1861 he was chief justice.  Storrs taught law at Wesleyan University (1841-1846) and at Yale.  He died

Abner, James, - 1828

James Abner was probably one of the six children of Abner, a Pequot Indian listed in March of 1762 as residing in a wigwam on the Mashantucket reservation in what was then Groton, present-day Ledyard, Connecticut.  Two years later, he served in Captain John Tyler's Third Company of Israel Putnam's Battalion during the French and Indian War.

Cowett, Anna, 1797 -

Anna Cowett was born August 25, 1797, the daughter of Richard and Joanna Cowett.  She grew up in the Great Neck portion of Mashpee and was very likely one of the children referenced in the August 1800 and the 1808 censuses of Mashpee performed by Rev. Gideon Hawley and Thomas Tobey, respectively.  By 1818, Anna had married David Wilbur and their daughter, Adeline Wilbur was born that year.  Over the course of their marriage, David and Anna went on to have at least four more children, Dinah, Joseph, Charles F., and James F.