Steele, Samuel, 1626 - 1685

The son of John Steele and Rachel Talcott, Samuel Steele (1626-August 14, 1685) was a farmer in Farmington, Connecticut who also served as a Deputy in the Connecticut General Court and a lieutenant in the militia.  From 1657 to 1681, he purchased property from several Tunxis either for himself or as an agent for the Town of Farmington.  In 1675, he bought the rights of the Mohegan sachem Joshua, Joshua's wives, and mother-on-law at Indian Neck in Farmington.  Steele removed to his wife's property in Wethersfield in 1678 and died there in the summer of 1685.
Hurlburt, Farmington Town Clerks and Their Times, 22-23.  Sources for this biography come from the Related Digital Heritage Items listed below.
August 14, 1685