Occom, Aaron, Jr., 1771 -

Aaron Occom, Jr., the son of Aaron Occom and Ann Robins, spent his childhood at Mohegan, Connecticut.  For a greater part of his adult life, he lived in Paxton, Massachusetts, as a mater broom and basket maker, with a house near the southwest point of Turkey Hii Pond.  A description of him indicated that he was "a tall, well-formed man, very lithe and strong, and in feats of running, jumping, wrestling or lifting, no white man in the town could approach him."  Temperate and peaceful, Occom was known to entertain his neighbors in broken English during long winter evenings with stories of his ancestors and their exploits. He died one wintry night after visiting a neighbor about a half mile from his house, slipping on ice and hitting his head on a sharp stone.  Aaron Occom was buried in Paxton's public cemetery.
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