Hoxie, Isaac, 1849 -

Isaac Hoxie, or possibly Isaac Nedson or Anderson, was the son of Rachel Hoxie, an Eastern Pequot girl from North Stonington, Connecticut.  For several years, he and his mother were listed in the tribe's overseer accounts.  After his mother's marriage to Henry Jackson/Orchard in 1862, Isaac was known as Isaac Jackson and possibly Isaac Orchard.  At least to 1870, he resided in the Jackson household, where in that year worked as a farmhand.
Federal Enumeration of Connecticut (North Stonington, 1870), Ancestry.  Eastern Pequot Indians of Connecticut, Federal Acknowledgement as an American Indian Tribe (1988), 63, 64. Sources for this biography also come from the Related Digital Heritage Items listed below.

Isaac Nedson
Isaac Jackson
Isaac Orchard