Hoxie, Rachel, - 1884

Not much is known about the ancestry pr early years of Rachel Hoxie and her brother John Noyes Hoxie.  They may have been the children of Charles Hoxie, a Narragansett living in Stonington, Connecticut, and an Eastern Pequot woman. 
When she was sixteen years old, Rachel had a son, Isaac. They first appear in the Connecticut in the State overseer accounts in 1849.  In 1857, those reports record her as Rachel Ned and Rachel Anderson.  Whether those are maternal surnames and/or names acquired through marriage or partnership is unknown.
Rachel was living in Charlestown, Rhode Island when she married Henry Jackson, also known as Henry Orchard, on March 26, 1862.  By the time of the 1870 census, the Jackson family had grown to include five more children, Fannie, Jennie, Phebe, Lydia, and Henry (William Henry).  Henry, Sr. and Isaac, now 20 years old, were farm hands, while Rachel took care of the household.
In the summer of 1873, when the Connecticut General assembly planned to sell part of the Lantern Hill reservation, land, Rachel and her children were among those Eastern Pequot community members who signed the a petition to the Legislature, protesting against the proposal and demanding the removal of their overseer, Leonard C. Williams.  A similar remonstrance to the New London Superior Court in March of the following year also bore the names of the Jackson family.
When the census of 1880 was taken, Henry, Jr. had moved from the household, Henry, Sr. was employed as a farm day-worker, Fannie was working for families outside of the community, while Rachel took care of the six of her children who were either at home or at school.  Four years later, Rachel Hoxie Ned Anderson Orchard/Jackson died September 17, 1884.
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c. 1834
September 17, 1884